Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Redefining the Abaya

For years an Abaya has been nothing more than a black dress available in different sizes and different fabrics. Then in the past decade or longer they evolved into something more fashionable. They became not only an overcoat, but an accessory.
All over the Gulf region you can find Abayas decorated with rhinestones, pearls, piping, embroidery and in some places even diamonds. In the past few years, as more and more Muslim designers emerge, and more renowned designers have started designing for Muslims, the Abaya has undergone a drastic evolution. This is not your mother’s or your grandmother’s Abaya. It is no longer synonymous with a Niqab wearing woman or even necessarily a Muslim woman. Today the Abaya is glamorous, modern, dazzling, and yet most importantly still modestly beautiful.
Here are a few Abayas from DAS in the UAE who are at the forefront of those redefining the Abaya.

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