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Hi friends ! It has been months since I blogged . I have been writing in my head, playing many events and hoping to blog a story but I have too many things to do, and too little time!

And I did miss blogging but well, something happened in July that needed my attention fully, I have to play a part in an evolution and operation for REACH OUT MALAYSIA - refer to (That's another story but today I want to talk about Makcik Ani - my nasi lemak makcik - the supplier of Nasi Lemak Ayam for Reach Out Malaysia. I felt very strong to write about her...

Oww!! my body's aching! I havent been teaching yoga for quite awhile and my stunt of a perfect shoulder stand infront of my students today has left me feeling like as if my bones were cursing to say - "You have not been discipline! now look what happen!" But as an experienced yoga teacher I have master my body to be my servant and command a perfect composure regardless how crappy I felt! (Roswidah, If you are reading this, I sure have fooled you just now hehe :))

Back to Makcik Ani, she cooked one hell of a nasi lemak, very prompt, discipline and can always be counted upon whenever I needed to buy nasi lemak ayam for the homeless. I always observed the way she does her work - She is calm and collected. She speaks in a single tone, nothing could surprise her and me being the energy reader, is fascinated by her. As I grew older and wiser - I become fussy about people around me - especially those who are doing business with me, be it students, suppliers, volunteers - I watched closely for negative energy and would not compromise. I believe, you are judged by your associates and if business is done with god-fearing individuals, you can find a lot of peace and trust in any dealings.

Each time I met makcik Ani, I would learn a little about her. She is originally from Acheh and has been here with her family for 30 years. I know she worked hard. She owned a simple restaurant in Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, near uptown. She told me that whenever she made extra money she would help to fund some orphans in her Kampung in Acheh and helped their mothers - she felt she is blessed with her good fortune and her rezqi in Malaysia - (Something I thought a lot of Rakyat Malaysia should learn from - to be grateful to our country and to be the best we can be).

She has been missing for a few weeks so the nasi lemak supplies has been cooked by her Assistant (which is not quite the same, I think! ) - her assistant also informed that makcik Ani's mom passed away hence her absence from her Restaurant. I called her hp today and a familiar voice answered! Makcik ani is back! So I ordered the usual 250 nasi lemak ayam for Saturday's food distribution. Before I opened my mouth to ask about her mom passing, she blurted out (and so unlike her) (This is the point where I wrongly pressed something and lost a whole chunk of writing aaaagghhhh! now I have to rewrite this part!!) Ok I hope it will be as dramatic as the first one.

She blurted out that she just came back from her kampung and her mom passed away while she was there. She went on to tell the story that she came home for her younger sister who has lost her husband and pregnant at the same time and later lose the baby as well. Her mom wasnt sick or anything but as Makcik Ani prepared to go back to KL, her mom stopped her and requested for her to stay awhile because she said it was time for her to go! (huh?? Wow I thought!) To cut the story short, Makcik Ani's mom died while doing zikir with her children and just slowly drifted away as if she was smiling and sleeping at the same time ... what a blessing it must be for everybody in her family. I got to know that even her dad passed away that way! It was also the norm for her and family to read Quran together as part of their routine.

How simple life is for Makcik Ani and family, She did the best she could for her and her family. These people are so simple that they don't seem to miss anything the way normal people do. Some of us who have such a competitive personality , spent most of their lives justifying why they do the things they do. Some of us who pretend a lot spend all their life convincing that they are someone else other than themselves. Some of us who are too coward to stand up to the truth and justice, give reasons that it is none of their business. Such a lame world and such a lame excuse not to be the best we can be or operating from the truth of life.

We are all tested in so many ways - but I do believe, that the one thing we are all striving for is to find peace within ourselves and may not achieved it, if it is based by anything other than God's standard! And if only we know, how the chain of energy work in this universe and how it will cause a karmic effect in so many ways - no one will dare to compromise the truth.

I learned something today which is, if I were to go from this world, I want to be as sure as Makcik Ani's mom who have everything simple in her life but have made such a great impact to her children. I too want to recite Quran as regular as I can so I may die reciting it.

Today I feel small in God's greatness who allow me to learn this - me who have made many mistakes a thousand times and am still blessed in many ways.

At the end of the day, isnt what we look forward to is to find peace within ourselves and to die and meet God, the way Makcik Ani's Mom met her Creator. In readiness. subhanallah.

I know with Makcik Ani supplying nasi lemak ayam to Reach Out Malaysia to feed the homeless, we will share her pureness too. Maybe that was why God allowed our 5000 nasi lemak ayam campaign succeeded to 6000 in numbers last month?? Wallahuaklam. Keep me strong Allah for I am just a small being in your great kingdom.

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