Sunday, 18 December 2011


I was tested today and I shocked myself. I hate rudeness - people who have no manners and greedy! Sometimes we encountered these people on the streets during our homeless food distribution. Not many of them but there are, nevertheless. For 4 years I have managed not to stumble upon them but today I was tested! I made a point to be at the 5.30pm food distribution at Klang Bus Stand today to greet my friend Angeline and her team from Maybank who were on their CSR program.
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Things were smooth in the beginning but then one chinese auntie started to shout rudely because she wanted to change her nasi lemak ayam to a better one (when they were all the same) and went on and on . ('kiasu' at work definitely!) I lose the plot, screamed back and put her in her place - I was shivering with anger. And for a moment - I went through flashes of moments that I have sacrificed to do this work! For a split second, I asked myself "Is this worth it?". I was tested just before that with 2 young Malay guys who carried Iphone with some stylish hairstyles but have the cheeks to tell me they were jobless and homeless and argued with our volunteers. Grrrrrr!!!!

I went quiet the whole journey home and kept quiet still at home to reminisce the pain I have gone through to make REACH OUT happened ! Satan has whispered to me, has sent his soldiers to discouraged me. I have forgotten the joy, forgotten what I saw on people's faces that we have helped all these years, the wonderful and kind people who are working with us and helped us in many ways. For a while I have forgotten why I do the things I do. Not for me but for what God has entrusted me.

Our street friends have many personalities just like the rest of us. They are human too! No difference! Some are kind, generous, cheaters, liars, drunkards, humble etc - they all have stories to tell but I am not here to judge them. One crazy auntie and two cheeky guys shouldn't be allowed to take my peace away. I pray silently for a bit more doses of calmness and drifted to my moment of silent.

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