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I must say this whole collection is a double wow! I dont agree with anyone who opposed to being stylish and hijabed at the same time... my opinion is Why Not?

As a human being, we have evolved! As a moslem, we have evolved. As a person, we have evolved. We cant really change the essence of who we are as a whole just to suit other people's opinion or interpretation! Everything have to come naturally! Just because you do not agree on something, do you need to force everybody to agree with you or to be like you? Are you putting yourself at the same pedestal as God to judge everybody who go against your believe system? Poof to that !!

I came across some bitchy comments on hijab tutorials that were shown on YouTube on how some people (men and women) could be so nasty in forcing their views across and they ended up looking stupid and less dignified. What those people don't know is that, they could have done it better with kinder words and by being a good example! Which one is more sinful do you think - someone who speak rudely and harsh and his/her way of telling is by shaming the women to degradation and surrendering against her will or someone who is styling her hijab in ways that she feels happy with but not acceptable according to the standards being set up by the moral police? See the logic here?

And then there's this blog (unfortunately it is originated from my country) about 'how a woman shouldn't dress this way and that way while wearing a hijab, how their body parts were shown through the tight clothing etc, how they enticed the male species because their blouses or hijab were not long enough to cover their derrieres. Why did you look in the first place , sir/madam ,may I ask? While I may agree to some of their allegations, what is their business to create a blog and followers based on these subjects? Sadly, because it was based on religious issues, some men decided to join in the crowd and added more insults. This is just to show how horrendous religion has been used as their rights to shame and to humiliate. Islam does not teach that and even if you need to do it, speak with kindness and/or respect and that particular person then have to walk the talk! Having a foul mouth was not one of Rasullullah (SAW) characteristics from what I have been taught when I was 7 years old!!

My argument is this, shouldn't it be fair if attention is to be given in setting up a blog on 'Why men shouldn't abuse women because he has too many wives and children to take care of?' or 'Stricter law on men who left children behind because he is after a new wife?' or 'investigation of bribery in big projects' where some officers were known to ask for girls as their bedroom companion/s and under-table money in order to approve whatever projects they may have. Create a blog to stop people from gossiping about others (to lessen their sins!) (well, never happen) Now, hold on! I didn't accuse anybody here other than this is just a fine example of hypothetically speaking subjects ... where was I just now? Ah yes! fashionable hijabs! Let just say, my decision on wearing a hijab some few months ago were based on my love for God and the respect I have for some men who have proven to me that there are still (though about to extinct) many men who are respectable, knowledgeable, kind, loyal and protective and still respect women as a whole and not threatened by their intelligence in any way.

How many men out there who forced hijabs on their wives but at the very same time look at other women (who are not covered and even having affairs with them?) Now, what I have been taught when I was seven, sin is equaled between a man and a woman. That sins are still counted as sin and not lessen because you are not a woman. I am not against men! Oh no, not at all! A woman is more often to be the one who destroy another woman, generally. So there !

Okay, let's go back to how wonderful is the NurZahra Indonesia's fashion Collections are !!

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