Friday, 23 November 2012


I havent been blogging for a long time ... tried to but failed!  Many times I got stories written all over my head, thinking that I would write soon after, but failed again. So, let me try again tonight and I promise to finish it off! Well, not tonight perhaps but I will continue writing until it is finished. So for those who are reading it and thought, why is this story sort of hanging, it means, I am still in the middle of writing it.

Never mind my grammar - who needs a perfect grammar when your head flows with words - well at least for now ! It has been nearly 20 months since I decided to don on a hijab! Whhaa at? 20 months?? really???
Oh wow, time passed without any warning. The wild child who donned a Hijab - who would have thought? My mom sort of gave up the ideas that I would ever wear a tudung. Well surprise,  Mak! God works mysteriously because I was surprised myself!

Almost right after I wore my first Hijab (I remember it was pink in color with some ornament hanging down  on both sides, I will remember not to give away my first Hijab, I should show it to my grandchildren the historic item) - Okayy dont mean to make a joke out of it but I am funny! really ! many people thought so! that is if  no one pissed me off ! (Okay my kitten Anakin is putting his face on the screen trying to get my attention  - now trying to walk on the keyboard))  That's what cats do - walk on keyboard. Why? because they can!

Ok right after II decided to wear hijab, I inherited Reach Out Malaysia ( and Hijab N The City ( - I cant help but thinking that it was God way to pacify or maybe reward me for pleasing him . He knows  me so well, that if I were to be left alone, I would end up paying attention to some stupid reasons on why my Hijab was all over the place. But No! I became a Hijab Stylist and a Fashion Designer for Muslimah contemporary fashion.  me? I thought my hands are far too wild to be artistic but they are! wahoo !! ) Okay it is 1.02 am Malaysia time yawwwwn!!!  I am so sleepy and  I need to sleep and will continue this soon !

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