Sunday, 1 January 2012

IN LOVING MEMORY OF MINIME - June 2011 - 30/12/2011 - part 2

Caption: Minime with Pete when she was a month :)

Today is the first day of the year 2012. A brand new day. For me, today is the 2nd day that Minime did not wait for me infront of my bedroom to follow me to the kitchen for her breakfast. Usually she would be there with Spikey. What happened normally, she would run to Pete who would still be sleeping. Jumped in into our bed, snuggled to him and jumped back out to follow me down.

I woke up quite early after a sleepless night and opened the bedroom door. Only Spikey was there. I sat on top of the stairs and looked out through the glass window – I could see the hilly road where Minime was killed and not far from there, where she was buried. I sat awhile and indulged in the grieving moment – my body still sore from maintaining my composure during the Reach Out Event yesterday.

I went down and opened the side sliding door, a rush of fresh air came through and let out all the remaining 4 cats to the garden and almost wished Minime would rushed out to the garden as well. The other cats seemed to know, they were quiet and not their normal selves. I came out to the corridor overlooking the garden and sat there a long time. My ears deafening, my body was numbed. I processed my thoughts. Where could she be now and made a silent request to God if he would allow Minime to sit at the feet of his angels so she wouldn’t feel alone and not missed us that much.

It hurts to see Minime’s empty bowl beside Spikey – had the urged to put her favourite fish but decided not to be a psycho . I am still sane, don’t worry. I don’t need anyone’s approval to grief and no she wasn’t just a cat. She was one of us. She was family.

Naomi put a sign on a tree she made yesterday to ask everybody to slow down . I saw cars slowed down to read her plea and grief – so many beloved dogs and cats killed on that road and no speed bumps. I hope some of our neighbours who lived on top of the hill will slow down from now on. Innaz went to her grave and beautify it with flowers. Pete, my tough husband who had done dangerous jobs heading Police Force in Scotland and Hong Kong too put his head down and cried in silence. In our household , all living beings are loved equally.

There’s wind, butterflies, birds and hills where we stayed - just how Minime liked it. If you don’t mind God, please let her be in your garden more beautiful than what she used to have with Spikey – her surrogate cat brother who helped to raise an orphan kitten. Who taught Minime how to catch butterflies and lizards. Please let your angel watched over her.

The wind still blowing as I weep. I know this too will pass but for now, let me remember …

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iamwhoiam said...

i cried reading your post... i totally can relate to this, though my lost is something totally different! R.I.P Minime...

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