Monday, 9 July 2012


I have not written for a long time  but I  wrote in my head all the time - my head talked to me all the time - but I feel the need to write today - I am thinking of minime - if she is alive, she would be 1 ! I found her around the same time last year - a tiny weeny little kitten - left in a lift to die - Naomi's friemd - Yasmeen found her ! We were supposed to foster her and our family voted to keep her instead..

I am thinking of her because she was lend  to me by God to keep me calm - same time last year, I turned my life to 360 degrees - I decided to wear hijab, I gave up my company , I have to take over Reach Out Malaysia's management after it was being dumped by the old commitee - my house was broken into,  I was at a point when I thought " I could carry only so much on my shoulders ...  I didnt know how to use the computer as good as I should .... But Minime was there to keep me company - she would  lie down on my keyboard when I  worked , she kept me company, she kept me sane . I am convinced now, it was because God wanted it to be that way - so I would go on and  be what I should be and could be  ...

Wearing tudung was not an  easy task for me - I didnt know how to tie it - but Minime was there to keep me company while I was fighting with myself, when satan whispered "why the hell do you don a hijab for?"  - I surfed through the net,  I searched, I looked,  I learnt and Hijab n the City was born at the tip of my fingers - could this be what it should be? Could this be what has been written ? Wouldnt I be restless had Minime didnt come to my life?

And today Minime should be a year old - but she was taken back 6 months ago by God - presumably he thought I was stronger enough and that I didnt need the little kitten anymore ... I couldnt help but thought, maybe that was the case.

But today, I could style a tudung like as if I was born to do it, I could make a head looks pretty (If there is such thing, really) and I now know sometimes your destiny is planned by unseen force - and as a fashionista who encouraged people to don on a hijab.  in a strange way - I paved my way to God's will, because a Fashionista too, is God's creation . I thanked him for giving me Minime for that short a time and for making me closer  to him in the weirdest way possible.
Happy Birthday Minime and Hijab n the City! My fashion show today -  'In Love With Leopard'  was dedicated to Minime and all the cats who have made somebody happy.  And today I proved that there can be miracles when you believed  .... Hijab n the City is a fashion brand .

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