Friday, 11 July 2014


I work in a fashion,  beauty and health industry . I don't blame it  if people sometimes think most of those who work in this industry are just vain and full with hot  air . They think they are so bagus just because they look good or know this people and that people ... Yup these bunch are just so  insecure and all they did is comparing themselves with others... even I cannot stand them!! Well not all Fashionistas like this la... some are nice like me ...(ehehe)

Reach Out Malaysia's volunteers-at-work
Feexa Nicoll feeding cats during one of the
Reach Out 's food distribution -
we also feed the street cats apart from the homeless.
She is also the Co-Founder of Reach Out Malaysia

President Reach Out Malaysia - Pete Nicoll with Iskandar from Hope Box

Me loves catties !!

Catty ! Catty! Meow! Grrrr ! Ngeowwwwww !!!!

Moral of the story is that some people think there are better than the others. They acted high and mighty with their expensive stuff and coiffed hair or coiffed high -tudung with rambu ramba macam langsir and walked the earth like as if it belongs to them .... who called our homeless friends pemalas, drug addicts and busuk  yadda yadda ... who are so sure that they are the chosen ones to live the way they are kaya with many pairs of shoes...
I have one word for you kesiannnnn ......Because they lack compassion, empathy and passion... they need to be  fake individuals throughout  their life. One word for them ....kesiannnnn......

At night, after I threw my high heels away and put on my jeans, a Reach Out Malaysia T shirt and a pair of sneakers - I learnt how to count my blessings for  having the life I have (regardless how imperfect it is but it is a life I kinda like) - that I am still luckier than those who sleep on the streets. Right now in the country in this month of Ramadhan,  some people up there  thinks we shouldn't help or feed the poor on the streets of KL because we made the city dirty? huh?? You will ask why? Same way I did ....hmmph!

what's wrong with helping the poor? What's wrong to  get-together with your  friends and likeminded people to do what we can to help?

You know why?? People are more used to see bad things being done to each other such as bribery, abused, war, insecurity against kindness etc. They don't believe in compassion  anymore because their inner parts are already infected with  rotten eggs so stinky that they become stinky people... So much so when people do good, they questioned and disbelieved because those are the things they know nothing them everything they do is with agendas behind it ...

I am not implying on anything....Im just saying ...really ...

For a week I have been fighting for Reach Out Malaysia to let us the volunteers to carry on in doing what we have been doing for the past 8 years  in helping the homeless and the poor.... and in the spirit of Ramadhan ... please let me be patience God, I know I wasn't that good lately, been growling and scratching and almost swearing. But I just say nice things  like 'Duck You!' and 'What the Duck'! Sound nicer ....

Okay Im calm, Im calm.... Breath Inhale, exhale ... hey Im a Yoga Teacher so I know how to calm myself down.

Have a great buka today peeps!


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