Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A glimpse of my favourite person - Audrey Hepburn


Have I told you, apart of being an Image Consultant , I am also a Numerologist - not just a bit of knowledge, I am actually able to guess many things just by putting two and two together from the birthdate. Nope you don't have to believe me.

Audrey Hepburn was born on 4th May 1929 - exactly 39 years later I was born on the 4th May too - go figure how old I really am - Nowadays I don't care about who gives a damn because I do exactly how and what  I feel - If anyone is offering me to give back my 25 years of age, I would decline - no way, not again, my body may be able to do a 2 days straight of clubbing at that time but my brain wouldn't be able to withstand any mental tortures the way I could now.

Being born on the 4th May has given us a similar personality (fefeeling perasaan) - but true that ..... (if I was born in the USA, I would have become an actress but to be one over here in Malaysia?  years ago? you've got to be kidding me)  - so back to Audrey Hepburn, a fashion icon and a Humanitarian,  with grace and talents - Unfortunately I would need to go to Ethiopia and join the hunger game to have
her weight  (nope nothing funny about this) - Aren't we similar?  Confident is an art too that I have mastered over the years - either you have it or you don't. I have aplenty. hikhik!

My birthdate pointed out I took a lot of risks - I did it long before I knew it for sure! I did it all! The very things that people told me not to do !  And after all that,  I am still sane   hmmm maybe not !

From an Image Consultant perspective let me analysed this iconic icon whose birthdate I shared and some of the reasons why we still love Audrey Hepburn. The answer to this question is only obvious in hindsight, the actress achieved not only worldwide fame, but also an iconic status as the symbol of classic-beauty-feminity. 

Millions of actresses aspire to this level of success and a few attain it. So why and how did Audrey Hepburn achieve what others only dream about? My answer is that she truly had it all: a unique, yet extraordinary beauty, charm. brains. talent, luck, compassion and character. 

There's nothing hocus focus about being a Numerologist, if you know me , and I hope you have the privilege to know all of me... The truth is I could be a bitch at times but my intention has always been clear and kind so you do not want to mess with the real deal.  After all your personality is in your birthdate if you are able to find yourself ...

Footnote: Feexa Nicoll is a certified Image Consultant and can be reached at

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