Thursday, 23 June 2011


I am a new blogger. I am an accidental blogger. I am a confused blogger. I am a slow blogger.

I am all of the above... But hey I am a blogger! Can you believe it?? I still couldn't believe it because I couldn't stay still for a long time and I hate computers, laptops, whatever ... they are troublesome, technical and I thought oh so difficult to learn! ( I am not ancient okay!so please do not assume! I am just a woman who occasionally enjoy being floozy as to get things done for me and the furthest I would go on technicality is to use my galvanic spa to keep me looking like a 28 years old for another 10 years!)

So how in the world did I start to blog?

My house was robbed in the beginning of May..and the thieves took away my small laptop among other things. 2 weeks prior to that, I did a whole load of backing up of my files onto that small laptop. Every memories that I kept there was gone with the laptop. Just like the wind. My files, my work, my presentations, my photos, everything was gone!! I was cool at first, answering questions from the police etc. Alhamdullillah my family was safe! Towards the end of the day, I started to cry.. I felt violated in my own house . (My husband Peter said I got the 'after effect syndrome' - he used to work as a Police Officer in Hong Kong so I supposed he knew better!).

I became a bit out of balanced after that incident and I got sick. (flu, sore throat, the works!) To make matters worst I lost my voice completely! Yup that's right, nothing came out from my throat not even oohh or ahh ... I was hoping God wont take it completely for some reasons or could it be he wanted me to know how a dumb person really feels without a voice so I would appreciate my voice better rather than wishing it sounded more like any kids from Glee ... I couldn't speak so I couldn't do anything, I took off from teaching yoga and all my other businesses. I couldn't answer the phone too. What could be worst?

That was how i ended up blogging! I observed the other bloggers, how some of them have so many followers, booming businesses, this and that. Hey maybe I could do that! So if I lost my voice I can do my business through blogging, perhaps?? So my first article came out but nobody followed me ...not good! Time to force my husband and my daughters to follow me so as not to look unpopular! Sent invitations to FB friends - only 10 followed! Okay, let's resend ...hmmm still nothing! Ok got the hint!!

Naomi and Innaz - my blog followers

Eventually, thanks to my other fellow bloggers from all over the world who have been following me and do not make me feel so lonely. (Thank you! thank you! thank you!) Some of the unexpected genuine encouragements from some new found friends on how much they enjoyed my blog. Few friends who took time to vote and drop a nice note or two and comments! It was so lovely, really!

On second thoughts, maybe I am 10 years too late to hype something new (Did I say 10 years? I mean 2 years! ) Looks like there will not be another Hana Tajima Simpson or another hijab shawl blogger which has a thousand buyers! Maybe I could treat this blog as a hobby and who knows one day I may create something. What I do know, I have managed to touch some souls! That should be good enough.

Well, Hijab n the city is a glimpse to my soul especially for those friends, who share the same birth year as me but whom I have not spoken or seen for a long time! Don't we all changed? Assumptions are not the truth. For those who think I was still a timid unpopular little girl in school and would not amount to anything. Well guess what? wrong again!! Wish we could know each other better but not!

Boarding school could screw up anybody's head, I guess! (Boy! am I getting into trouble for this?) But what I taught my young students and my daughters, being a bully, would scar you in later life... If you pride yourself as being beautiful and stubbed your thumb to others in school, remember that you may not be able to retain your looks too long... Straight A's do not mean you are the best! Different individual are not weird, they are just different.... That was me in school - different! Believe me, it is true! For my dear friends who stick with me through thick and thin ... I love you guys (even if you murder somebody, I will still love you and visit you in death row)

I got my voice back eventually and start work:( I realized too that as a human being, simple things like being able to see, touch, talk, walk, hear and taste are the greatest gifts and assets one could have! These have been given by Allah in his mercy for us all to use and to be the best we can be .


Peter (another blog follower) and me ...


Peter Nicoll said...

Having gone through this process with you I am so very proud of what you are doing and sharing. Blogging to me is an art in itself. An expression of not just what we think but who we are. You got it. Well done my girl.


complex said...

I'm an accidental Blogger too but really when i watched all the cute blogs and the followers and stuff i fell in love with it :D and nw i'm an addicts and elhmdollah that ur family and u are safe after the stealing thing and i'm a constant followers inshallaah

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