Friday, 17 June 2011

WHITE RIBBON MALAYSIA - White Ribbon is a campaign championed in Malaysia by Reach Out a local NGO, to involve men in tackling violence against women.


It dawn upon me , the fact is , not many people who will stand for truth and justice and that knowledge saddens me. I hope it will not be their mothers, or daughters, or sisters, or themselves who will be abused one day. This society has always been about selfishness on how good they look outside, on how much money they have, the assets they owned, and these are the people who will decline to stand behind any principals at all for fear of losing what they have ... But living a lie and keeping up their pretenses are their own punishments. Justice is about pointing out what is not right. Abuse comes in many forms. Today I am sad, to acknowledge the fact that most will decline when you asked them to fight alongside you ...

Another excerpt from my friend Nicole Queen's page for the "Silence Hides Violence" campaign.

I Remember

I remember when yo u brutally hurt me,
I remember how you left me bruised and abused,
I remember how you made me cry floods of tears,
I remember how you cut my heart and let it bleed,
I remember how you neglected me and watched me weep,
I remember the anger and smirk on your face,
I remember your deathly looking eyes,
I remember how you were breaking my heart into pieces,
I remember how you attacked me with so much fury and aggression,
I remember how you violated me, thinking you were innocent and could get away with it,
I remember those fears taking over me,
I remember the sadness upon my face and within my heart,
I remember the ghastly nightmares you brought in my restless sleep,
I remember how you made me feel worthless and become a burden,
I remember how I constantly prayed to my Lord to save me from you,
I remember those frightening moments when you threw me across the dirty floor,
I remember how you thought you were so much better than me, just because you were a man,
I remember how you forgot to treat me like your queen,
I remember how you forgot to love me unconditionally,
I remember how your heart forgot to even remember me.

I remember…but do you remember?
Or have you forgotten how you damaged me,
Leaving me with scars and fearful memories.

Will you ever remember how you almost ruined me?
But I will always remember,
Only to make me stronger,
That’s why I remembered to set myself free.


Jyoti Mishra said...

The points u pointed are pervasive in our society, but the tragedy is no one bothers to care about it.

Feexa Nicoll said...

You are so right Jyoti! People talk about it but that is all to it talking..without caring ...

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